Thursday, August 26, 2010


Okay, I think I inherited my Dad's optimism. I keep thinking that any day I will look at this blog and find 50 followers! Come on, I'm counting on you guys to carry me to that magic number! Remember there's a giveaway...but, you won't find out what it is until I reach 50.

That aside, I am also anticipating a surge in sales for the holiday season so I'm working hard and building my inventory. One thing I've enjoyed creating are little jewelry boxes. I found some little  wood boxes at a flea market and some at a garage sale. Here's one I just made for my etsy shop. I like it because It has a vintage feel to it. Here's how I did it:
1. Painted the box black with black gesso and an acrylic paint.
2. Stamped the box with a French script block and a permanent white ink.
3. Then I cut out a vintage photo from some scrapbook paper I had laying around (but you can use an actual photo if you have one.) I distressed the edge of the paper and used an antiqued, distressed ink around the edges.
4. Then I stamped another piece of scrap paper with my "girlfriends" stamp and did the same treatment to that paper.
5. I then coated it all with Mod Podge, twice.
5. I affixed pieces of vintage jewelry to the top and as a little knob and there you have it!
Next time, I'll do a step-by-step with pictures! Oh, I did the same thing with my French-themed box (above to the right).


Carmen said...

That box is so cute! I love the vintage photo. I should be getting a few things done for Christmas too...but I'm wondering if I should go local instead. Anyway...I hope you reach your 50 soon!!

stacie said...

I really like the tear away look of the top. It gives the jewelry box a unique look. Don't you love black gesso? I can't seem to stop using it!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i am sure you will reach 50 soon! but, you have to link your projects up to parties on other blogs and show them off... that's how people with like interests will find you! and if your stuff gets featured on a blog because you linked it up at the blog owner's party, then that pretty much guarantees you some new traffic and followers.

Allison said...

Love boxes of all kinds!
Looking forward to the day we can create together.