Friday, August 6, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

I really wasn't looking to add anymore furniture to my house, however...
Two weeks ago, I found this sweet table that I knew would fit in my living room. A steal at $10. It does need to be repainted on the top, but for now, I'm strategically placing some pictures and lamps on it. Speaking of lamps, see the two on the table? I got them for $2.50 each! Yes, you heard me! They had a price tag of $5 and I asked the woman, "is it $5 for each lamp or $5 for both?" She replied, "If you take them right now, it's for both." My wallet never opened so fast.

I also came upon a huge vintage sale where I picked up a few pieces for my etsy shop, Country Tag Sale. It was actually overwhelming; there was so much to look through. I finally grabbed what I had in hand and left. I could have spent all afternoon at this place, but then if I did, my house would have looked like this garage sale. There were literally hundreds of books and knick knacks. My favorite find was this beautiful glass basket to the right. I think it will look lovely for fall, but of course, it's for sale, too.


The Barn Girls said...

Wow, don't you just love great finds like that? For $15 you have a great look! I never seem to stumble on garage sales like that though! It's always baby clothes (long past those days) and tools!


Renze said...

Well, I don't always have that luck, but I try to read through the descriptions and if I see any mention of Fisher Price, Little Tikes or baby clothes, I don't bother. Sometimes, I just stumble upon them...that's always fun!