Monday, October 4, 2010

Pretty Little Things

I've been working on these little pretty things that I can't get enough of ... vintage jewelry magnets! Not only are they adorning my refrigerator, much to my boys' dismay, but they also embellish metal lamp bases and picture frames in my room. Of course, if it where a perfect world, they would be wrapped up and on their way to different destinations across the world! (Meaning, I sold them in my esty shop.)

To make them, I am using large buttons and button earrings as a base and then, artfully arranging vintage jewelry pieces and even whole earrings on them. Many of the pieces I am using have seen better days so I do have to replace stones (thank goodness for my vintage rhinestone collection).

Well, I'm off to my sister's house tomorrow. We are going to spend the day crafting. She'll be making jewelry and I'll be making jewelry boxes...hey, maybe we have something there!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

very pretty! there is a guy at brumwell's who always has lots of jewelry dirt cheap. you should go check it out!

Susie said...

your whole blog is delightful, I love so many things. Want you to know also that I posted your link on Scrap Friendzy's forum a scrapbooking forum as Inspiration of the day (IOTD) I am sharing the link with you but I believe you might not be able to enter unless you register. again wonderful blog and I am now a follower.