Thursday, October 7, 2010

Switching Over to Boxes

At my sister's house, we worked and played hard all day. She created her amazing jewelry and I worked on many things including light switch covers and trinket boxes.

Since I've transformed almost every light switch cover in my own home, I've decided to branch out. Actually, I scored about 12 covers at a yard sale this summer and they've been staring blankly back at me for way too long.

I decided to test some collage techniques on these little blank canvases.  First, I created a textured surface with acrylics and gel medium on each switch plate. I let it dry a bit and then used a pencil to draw little designs and write some words. After it dried over night, I painted two of them with a pink and white wash and I decoupaged a black and white napkin over the other. Then I took them all to my sister's to add the finishing touches. I liked the textures on one of the pink covers so all I did with that one was spray it with lavender glitter mist (thanks Stacie) and glue on some of those pretty Prima flowers. The other,  I decided to stamp (i wrote the word dance on the switch plate .. it's very subtle) with a ballet outfit. Adding Swarovski crystals gave new meaning to the term, "twinkle toes."

The black and white one needed some help so I stamped it with some flowers using black ink and then glued on some more of those fab Prima flowers. Little white and black earring pieces fill the centers.

If you can't tell by now, I'm in love with Prima fabric flowers. I always pined over them at my local craft store, but couldn't decide what jar to get and getting all of them was a little over my craft budget. But guess what? Yep, I bought five bottles of flowers at that super duper craft yard sale I went to last weekend and I can't stop using them evident in both of these sweet little trinket boxes I competed yesterday.


Allison said...

I like the paper primas just as much. You can stamp on the flowers as well...

Sounds like you had fun on Tuesday! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

stacie said...

Everything looks great! I had fun too. Thanks for coming over.