Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Truth and The Jewelry Show

Thanks to my pal Cassie at Primitive and Proper, I was recently awarded the Creative Writer Blogger Award. So, I have to write 6 things about myself and you have to guess which one of the 6 is true. Then I get to pass on the award ... watch out, it could be you!

Followers not allowed to guess include my family members! Speaking of which, my sister, Stacie, is coming to my house this Thursday to hold her annual handcrafted jewelry show (see example above). If you live in the area, be sure to contact me for directions to my home. If you don't live in Maryland, check out her shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/staciejewelry.

Anyway, a couple days from now, you will find out the real truth and nothing but the truth. Here are my six "truths." 
1. After graduating from college, I worked as a fashion intern and then assistant fashion writer at Seventeen Magazine. It was very low paying and I eventually had to leave New York, so I could actually eat.
2. My grandparents had a farm in Vermont. Me and my sister would spend the entire summer there and every time we came home, our house was changed. For example, one August we came back to find a new sunporch off of our kitchen. Other summers, we would find our bedrooms completely changed -- new bedspreads, freshly painted walls, etc. It was fun trying to guess what would change while we were away.
3. I learned to ski when I was only four years old. I skied throughout high school (but we didn't have a team, just a club) and finally realized my dream when I joined my college ski team as a freshman. I quit my sophomore year after I ran into a snow making machine in front of my teammates.
4. When I was working as the senior editor of FTD's Florist Magazine, famous rock musician Bob Seger's wife (Annette Sinclair) wore my wedding dress on the cover of our bridal issue. It was a size two and it was still too big on her so we had to pin it up in the back.
5. When I brought home a "grab bag box" from a local flea market, I found a beautiful, but dirt-covered, precious stone brooch. After researching online, I found similar brooches valued at $300. I paid a total of $5 for the entire box of items! I still have it and should probably sell it because I've never worn it.
6. I went to college to study journalism, but switched my major halfway through my junior year to fine arts. My parents weren't happy. I ended up graduating with two BA degrees, but was much poorer as a result. I did finally manage to pay off my student loans after I was married.

So, which one of these is really the truth? Oh, and winner(s) get a prize!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

um, i knew you would be good at this! i have no idea but i am going to guess number 1, but they're all pretty feasible. and your wedding dress was a s 2?!?! you make me sick. ;)

Allison said...

My guess is #3. Altho... I can't say all the others sound entirely un-true. In the end, you must have some great stories to tell!

Secretly hoping the $300 brooch is true tho! What a find!

Have a fun weekend with sis! I know she's been preparing non stop. Really great pieces coming your way!

stacie said...

Why can't I guess...I know the truth!! Lol. See you tomorrow for the show. I have lots of jewelry!