Saturday, March 12, 2011

Side Tracking...and prayer requests

First of all, I need to request some prayers for two women who I know that were just diagnosed with breast cancer -- I found out this news yesterday. I also want to say that my heart and prayers go out to the people of Japan. The devastation there is surreal and downright scary. Please keep Japan and the two women in your prayers.
Now, on to a happier subject...still a sidetrack from my regular posts about decorating, art, crafts, etc. I’m going to attempt to write about music. Music is big in my family. My dad used to be in a band – way before I was born and both of my older boys are into music. My oldest writes a lot of his music - both lyrics and melody-- and if I over look the profanity in some of the lyrics, it’s really good.

So, that leads me to Paul McDonald. You know that really cool, quirky, raspy singer on American Idol? His voice is so …I don’t know…I’m just in love with his voice. After watching the show Wednesday night, I looked him up online and found out that he’s been playing in a band by the name of The Grand Magnolias. I’m loving the tunes and just want to listen to him all day. Anyway, check him out in this video. The song’s called American Dreams. It not only sounds good, it has a great message about believing in your dreams, going for them, and being accountable.

Okay. I’ll write more about what my audience expects next time. I just had to promote this guy…he’s worth watching.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i will most certainly keep your friends in my thoughts and prayers. you could join our 5k team and run in their honor with me on june 4th. i would love to have you there!
scondly- i am a huge fan of idol and have been watching and he is my fave as well!!!! i just love the unique qualities of his voice... kind of reminds me a little of brett dennen.

Allison said...

Praying for those women - for strength and healing. And the same for those in Japan. I am still shocked when I see the pictures and video film coming out of that area.

And as for music... I always thought your sister had something with music. She really gets inspired with different tunes and lyrics.