Saturday, May 21, 2011

Front Porch- Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole Works!

Well, I finally solved a design dilemma ...every year, I love to put a large basket of flowers on my front porch using an old rocking chair from my hubby's family. It's beyond repair, so using it outside was the only option. Every year, I buy a huge round planter and it usually falls through the round hole, and I have to prop it up. This year Sam's was selling flowers in square containers ...dilemma solved!! Now my front porch is ready to welcome guests.

Also, I thought I'd share some pics from last night. My middle son went to the prom last night. So, no sleep for me until he rolled in after prom breakfast.

He went this year as a junior (usually only seniors are allowed) with his girlfriend, a foreign exchange student from Paris (adorable with her sweet accent). Truly, they grow up oh so fast.


Anonymous said...

Looks so pretty with all of your flowers! Love the rocking chair!

Your son is so handsome!! I can't imagine my almost 4 year old going to prom!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Handsome guy, beautiful girl, colorful flowers....Great combination!!! Hope you can get some sleep now!!!

Becolorful said...

Great great photos. What a handsome guy. So who does he look like? :0 the girl friend is a cutie too.

As for your front porch vignette, I love that too. So uniquely you.

You commented on the whole Sharpie thing on my blog. Thanks for the comment, but I wanted to add that along with letting the ink dry at least over night I usually do a light spray of top coat and let that dry too before giving it a more through once over. Patience has never been my thing either plus I am such a procrastinator. I knew I had topped myself when I decided to change something up at the last minute and then ended up using my hairdryer on the piece so it would be dry before my client showed up. :)
Have a great week,

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

Love the porch and what a cute couple!