Saturday, May 7, 2011

When Progress Leads to Disaster

It was so beautiful out today that I attempted to paint my cool metal cart that I purchased last weekend...ran out of paint in a matter of minutes. So, on to the next project (which really should have been my first) and that was cleaning out my son's bedroom (he's coming home from college next weekend). What a chore; I had all my art supplies, vintage items, etc. for my two etsy shops in there. Let me tell you, I started this last weekend and I was determined to finish this weekend. And I did! 
Here's what it looked like before when it was a craft/storage room:

Here's what his clean room looks like (we did it in a tropical theme about eight years ago). Trust me, it won't be this clean again for a long time:

Here's a little surprise I made for him when he gets home (we'll see if he even notices it).

However, along with progress, comes another disastrous bedroom. So, after this blog is posted, I'll make some dinner and then, go back to work...I mean, I do need to find my bed in this mess!
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Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

My office looks like that last picture all of the time!!! I need to quit going to estate sales...but that's not gonna happen anytime soon!!! :)

Peg said...

I just got home from 3 thrift stores. I too am trying to sort out my crafts so why do I bring home more? I guess so I won't run out of projects. Ha! Your last picture makes me feel better.

DavisDomestications said...

Love the mural, you are very talented. Doesn't it feel great when the mess is all cleaned up?!? Even if it is just for a while. ;)He'll be shocked.