Sunday, May 8, 2011

When it Comes to Mom's, Love's the Word

Happy Mother's Day! 
A while back, I told you about my treasured little red book. You can read about it in this post. Today, I'm going to pull some of my favorite quotes from my kids from this book. I hope you enjo!
Some actual “mom” quotes:

One Mother’s Day, Kellen could only say, “Dada” and Nolan, who was 5, said, “don’t worry mom, on Father’s Day, I’m sure he’ll say ‘Mama.’”

“When I’m 25, I can marry you, Mommy!”
-Nolan, age 3

“Mom, do you really have eyes in the back of your head? And where do they go when I look at it?”
--Houston, age 3

“Mom, I’m going to kiss you infinity times!”
--Nolan, 4

Some random ones, most are courtesy of my middle son, Nolan (he practically fills the book)…

Nolan, 3:
“Mom, Houston pushed me, can we get a new boy?”

Kellen, 3:
“I guess we need this potty soil (potting soil) so the plants can go poop.”

Nolan, 5:
Nolan looked at my sonogram of my third son and could only see the head, foot and hand and said, “Well, I guess the baby isn’t put together yet.”

Nolan, 6:
Looked at my husband’s unshaven face and said, “You have a million splinters on your face; did you play with a porcupine or something?” 

Nolan, 6:
“Don’t ‘T’s’ look Handsome when they are capitalized?”

I love the way kids think. Have a great day.

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Home for 6 said...

Ahh those are treasures to keep track of. Love it and thanks for sharing.