Thursday, December 2, 2010

Craft Show Booth Success: Part One

Okay. I promised I would do a post about craft show booths and here it is… will it be successful? Well, you’ll have to wait until Part Two for that! 
Now, mind you I have an 8’ x 10’ size booth. It was only $10 more than an 8’x8’ and I had to fit my furniture in it. Some craft shows only allow a small space, so I wrote this with everyone in mind. Here goes:
1.             Do your research. I didn’t find a lot of stuff online, so, I went to a few craft shows and took notes. The first thing I noticed was that the booths/tables I was drawn to made great use of vertical space as well as horizontal space. I mean, people stacked things (in an artful way) and made it look great. This also allows your booth to be seen farther away and more people can browse at once. 
2.             Use your creative side. You are creative … I mean, that’s why you are participating, right? So, why put together a bland display? Make sure your space says something about you! The artist you! That means, be quirky. Think outside the table … I mean, use something to display your wares, but if you can use something beside the traditional folding table, then do it. I realize some places have rules and you can’t, but if you can … oh, the possibilities.

3.             Grab attention. I’ve had a little experience in setting up displays … no formal training, but in my past life, I’ve had to set up store displays, photo shoots, etc., so I feel that I can give a little advice here. First rule of display: put your most interesting products at eye level and within two feet of the aisle so people can see it as they pass by. Yes, you can have a focal point in the back, but people will only see that once they enter your booth and if they never enter your booth, well …
4.             Do a trial run.  As I said in my previous post, it’s paramount to set up whatever size booth or table space you have at home first. You will discover things that would have made you scream if you went there and discovered them on site!

5.             Bring Essentials: Here’s what I plan on bringing (in addition to my products): 
o        Pens, markers
o        Paper (scrap and nice paper for signs)
o        Receipt book
o        Bags and or gift boxes
o        Scissors
o        Labels and price tags
o        Tape – duct tape, scotch tape, packing tape – all of it
o        Tools (screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wire)
o        Money and change
o        Apron or waist pouch for change
o        Guest book
o        Business cards
o        Water and snacks
o        A helper – my sister is coming to help me! Yea!

Am I missing anything?

Please stop by on Saturday if you are in the area!!! The Craft Bazaar benefits the Broadneck High School Bruin Boosters, who support out sport teams. The show address is 1265 Green Holly Drive, Annapolis, MD 21409 and runs from 9:30 Am to 3:00 PM. It’s huge, you won’t be disappointed!


stacie said...

Great post! All great info. The only thing that I would add is to have fun and enjoy the show!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

you already know i will be there! and i have one thing to add- tylenol or some other head ache medicine... the first year i did lucketts i felt horrible- a migraine had come on and i was empty handed. i learned the hard way but now i always make sure i have some kind of headache medicine!

Carmen said...

Great post! I could've used a small garbage can at the table for wrappers and other paper garbage. I also brought a cash box for the money, and tissue paper, just in case. I always have some free candy for the kids too. Oh...and a camera to take a picture of your booth for your followers. :)

Allison said...

Those are really great tips!

Tammy said...

Renee- These are all great tips! Your booth is adorable! and BYW I had those same brown business cards with the orange butterlfy in my other business-
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