Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back from the Big Apple

There's nothing like going to New York City for some Christmas inspiration. The windows were beautiful (and so was the weather) and the city was buzzing with seasonal anticipation. Although, I can't recreate the windows, I can share with you a couple easy tips to add some delightful details to your home. If you have the time (even if you don't), you can easily find little spots to add some Christmas charm. For example, suspend a sparkling ornament from your chandelier or drape some glittery garland around it. Dangle an ornament from all of your doorknobs – you can even use those dollar store icicles and string them across your valances or use them as your curtain tiebacks. My fan pull even has a little ornament swinging from it! These are easy ways to add Christmas charm to your home without expense or a lot of work. Just grab a handful of those ornaments that don’t quite fit on the tree and walk around your house adorning everything that you can and pretty soon your house will be sparkling with magical merriment.

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