Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Terrific Tabletops

Well, we are very close to Christmas…are you ready? If you’re having family and friends over for a festive dinner or party, the table has to look as good as the rest of your house.
Tablescaping, the art of arranging tables, is one way to add drama to your tabletop. If you want to create a tablescape that wows your guests, vary the heights of the objects you use. For example, you can stack your favorite Christmas books and place a candlestick on top, pair a large urn with two smaller vases, or conceal a sturdy box under layers of luxurious fabrics to add height and sophistication. (That’s similar to what I did, below at right).

If you’re not in the mood to layer, just remember, it's all in the details. When you set your table this holiday season, the key is to add something unique to make your table memorable. For example, the photos above and on the left are examples of a very simple centerpiece. I used the inside of an old toolbox and filled it with mini pinecones and candles and then adorned with an articficial pine garland. 
Other ideas: Serve breadsticks in a tall champagne flute or pretty flower vase instead of placing them on a flat plate or in a basket. Add a sprig of holly or pine on your serving plates for a simple, yet festive look. Sprinkle a decorative seasoning, such as paprika or minced herbs around the edge of each serving piece. Stretch a garland or pine roping the length of your table and add some votives for a very easy, festive look. Sprinkle glitter or confetti around your serving bowls or centerpiece. Dress your chairs with bows, berries and/or branches to complete the look. I saw a quick tip on HGTV from designer Taniya Nayak the other day. She took creme pillow cases, placed them on the back of dining room chairs and then tied a big red bow around the back…they looked very festive. Check out HGTV’s website for more ideas…they have tons!
The way a table is set can add to the ambience of any meal. The key to setting the table this holiday season is to have fun and use your imagination. Of course, serving delicious food can't hurt. May you have a very blessed and merry Christmas!
Do you have any simple ideas for holiday tabletop décor?

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Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love it! I love the chunky, rustic wood. How fun to change it through out the year.