Friday, December 18, 2009

Whimsical Wraps

You’re probably wrapping all those gifts by now…right?! Oh come on, get with it! Just close the door, turn on some Christmas music or a Christmas movie and start wrapping. And, don’t worry if you run out of wrapping paper because I have some easy ideas:
First, how about that Christmas sheet music? You know, the stuff in the piano bench that you swore you were going to learn this Christmas! Make some copies of the music and stuff the originals back in the bench (hey, there’s always next year). Now, grab some red and green ribbon and get wrappin’!
Cloth Christmas napkins and tea towels can make artful gift wrap when gathered at the top. Or purchase a pretty scarf and wrap the box in it -- tying the four corners knapsack-style. Your special recipient will love getting two gifts!
Cardboard paper towel tubes can serve as easy "boxes" for soft goods such as tee shirt or set of cloth napkins rolled up inside the tube. Wrap it in tissue paper, tie small strands of ribbon on the ends.
Use white paper as a base for stamping, painting and gluing on decorative ribbons, rickrack and trims. Use a holiday rubber stamp and let your kids help stamp out a fun and personal gift wrap. Or have the kids paint or draw colorful pictures or patterns – a great project on days too cold to venture outdoors.
Even newspaper or plain white paper can be exciting (and economical) if you top your packages with one of these ideas:
An ornament attached with a color-coordinated ribbon or raffia to secure it to the top of the package is a bonus gift.
Garland added or used instead of ribbon can add a very elegant touch to your presents (see photo above).
Tulle offers a whimsical and soft touch to any package. Pair it with ribbon or use it by itself.
Sprigs of pine, holly or magnolia, used in combination with brown paper and raffia, offer a very, earthy natural look.
Cinnamon sticks gathered with a rubber band and then tied on the package top with gingham ribbon (make sure you hide the rubber band) conveys a cozy, country look.
Jingle bells attached to a present are a very merry way to say, "you're special."
Cookie cutters can add just the right spice to your present.
Shoelaces in festive holiday colors or patterns can double as ribbon and a gift!

Have you any great Christmas wrap ideas?


Primitive & Proper said...

i wrapped all my presents last night, so i guess i am ahead of the game! i love the look of brown packaging paper, or even brown paper grocery bags recycyled into wrap, and then jazzing it up with ribbon and natural elements or even a little sparkle to offset the brown paper. i didn't do that this year, but i love it! this year i went with all silver paper and ribbons in awua and white. by the way- loved your magnolia swags in your windows!

Renze said...

Santa must of copied you! He brings all of our presents in brown paper, complete with a stamp from the North Pole!