Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holidaze and Dazzle

I promised more holiday ideas, right? Well, here you go...you can add a new flair to your decorating this year just by repurposing. After all, is it a written law that you can only hang ornaments on trees? You’ll find ornaments everywhere in my house – in bowls, on doorknobs, on railings, in my window boxes (see above), on lamps, on window latches, on drawer pulls, and of course, on my trees. Group ornaments in a bowl or on a swag of greenery for an elegant holiday centerpiece.
Speaking of centerpieces, one beautiful (and easy) holiday centerpiece is to pack a clear glass vase or bowl with fresh cranberries; then add water and flowers. Flank the centerpiece with several medium-sized cocktail glasses filled with cranberries and candles tucked in the centers. Then sprinkle red, silver, and gold ball ornaments in between...dazzling!

I also use beaded and crystal garlands in unexpected places – I drape them over lamps, chandeliers and window frames (see picture above) and use them to add a little sparkle to my wrapped presents and greenery. 

I even threw a decorative candle ring (is that the name of it?) in a crystal bowl and placed plastic utensils in for my party…it looked very pretty (see picture on right). 
So, now you'll be able to see new possibilities when you open that box (or in my case, several boxes) of Christmas decorations.

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