Monday, December 21, 2009

Creating Holiday Vignettes

If anyone knows me well, they know that I like themes – yes, as corny as that may be – I just think themes are fun. The Christmas holiday season can lend itself to many, many themes. Think about it – snowmen, crafty, woodsy, nature, elegant, glitzy, soft, bold, all the shades of red and green and in-between – there’s just a zillion ways to decorate for the holidays. And since I like almost all of them, I decided to decorate each room and even sections of rooms, with different themes by creating vignettes. For example, my family room and connecting kitchen (above) has a more traditional, cozy feel, so my decorations enhance that look, whereas my dining room is a tad more formal, so I embellish it with lots of gold and glitz.

Crafting holiday vignettes is easy. Just group things in odd numbers – groups of three or five. For example, place three pillar candles of alternating heights together on one side of a buffet and a bowl of ornaments, a lamp and a smaller candle on the other side.
Creating holiday themes doesn’t take much doing, either, especially if you already have a definite decorating style (as you can tell my style is very eclectic). If you have a formal traditional style, then by all means go for the gold (or red and green). If you have a natural, earthy style, grab those twigs and bundle them together with some Christmas plaid ribbon or red and green raffia.
Modern styles lend themselves well to lime green and red or silver and light blue. And, don't forget get the glitter! 

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