Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the Season to Use Spray Paint!

Spray paint is your friend. It can transform anything into a gilded Christmas treasure, a shimmering silver or snow-white sensation. Case in point: yesterday, while walking my dog, I found dozens of acorns and pinecones on the roadside. Tucking them away in my pockets (and the bag reserved for doggie you-know-what) I carried them home and promptly set them in the garage. This weekend, I’ll venture out for some unusual twig formations, gather a few of my dented and scratched up ornaments and lay all of them on some newspaper. I will grab my handy can of white flat spray paint and spray away…instantly transforming them all into winter-white accessories for my home.

You can spray paint just about anything and make it look great and very “Christmassy.” See what a can of gold or silver can do! Go wild and try some red and green glossy paint; and repeat after me: "spray paint is my friend; spray paint is my friend..."

Note: for safety’s sake, be sure to use your spray paint in a well-ventilated area (preferably outside). I usually wear safety glasses to protect my eyes from the spray, too. If it’s windy, stay far away from your cars, objects or home (unless of course, you want them to have a nice coat of “frost” on them).

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