Sunday, September 18, 2011

Someone Pinch Me

So, I went for a run/walk yesterday. A community near me was having a yard sale and a great old estate near me was having a barn sale...all in one day! The estate was full of incredible furniture, mirrors, really cool things like an antique book press and massive mirrors, but I would need another house to store them all, so I settled for small items. So many bargains...three hours later, I had to run back to get the car. Here's what I purchased:
Folding rulers:

Very heavy, and very old candlestick (I'm going to paint it because even though it's kind of cool as is, there are some chunks missing).

Two file card They don't have solid bottoms...what would you do with them? Any ideas?

Beautifully detailed and very heavy lamp and choice of two lamp shades (Umm, $5 for all three):

Cool middle Eastern heavy brass cup:

Beautiful vintage linens:
And my favorite piece: a small old dresser swing mirror. I have no use for it, but want to paint it and put it in my shop....what color? Pale pink? off white? pure white? Any ideas?

Also, found some very cool vintage jewelry and an old brass pot. Some of which I will definitely keep and some are going into my shop. Some one pinch me please; I must be dreaming.


Anne said...

How great is that?!!! I love what you brought home. On your card file drawers - can you add a piece of wood or veneer to the base of the drawers? If not, I'd pop the brass hardware sliding thing out and hang them on the wall somewhere like shelves - one above the other.
So cool!!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! Hope you post photos of your finished pieces ~

Carmen said...

What?? You are so lucky!! I have a great craft for those folding rulers...or maybe you need yardsticks. I probably got it from you! Lol...have to check my bookmarks. Lucky!! :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That is a wonderful day of lucky finds. I love the mirror!! Paint it white to attract the most people but for me it would be a soft pink! hugs, Linda

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

So much for a walk/run...That estate sale would have stopped me in my tracks, too!!! I don't know yet what I would do with the card file drawers, but I love them best! I think it's the old oak! Great finds!!!

Vicki said...

I say fill those card drawers with little pumpkins and gourds while you think about it! Great finds. I love it all.

Donna said...

Ooooh! I would be in heaven at that sale! So funny that you ran back to get your car:) I adore the mirror, if it were me, I would paint it creamy white. Not sure what to do about those drawers, maybe turn them on their sides, and hang on the wall for little display shelves? Lucky finds, lucky you!!

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

GAH!!! I love the rulers and mirror the most!!! Will they ever have another sale??:D