Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 of My Best Yard Sale Tips: Part II

So, I do have some more tips before you hit the sales next weekend or today...yes, people do have yard and estate sales on Sundays. Of course, I hit a few yesterday in between soccer games. Also went to a flea market. Yesterday was a candleholder kind of day...I bought this one for $2 and it's missing a votive, but I'm sure I can find one at the dollar store. 

The next two I plan on putting in my shop after I paint them...they are pretty as is, but I think I can make them even prettier.

Here are some of my other finds from past yard sales and of course, the rest of my tips:
 6.  Bundle. Grab a group of items and ask the seller if she or he would sell for one lower price. For example, one item at $2, one item at $3 and one item at $1 would be $6 (I'm so good at math), but you could ask, will you take $4 for these?" Usually, it's a "yes."

7. Inspect. I've made plenty of mistakes at yard sales, so here are some to avoid...make sure you inspect each item. Look for chips (unless you want a shabby chic look), stains, etc. I once bought some beautiful hankies and only looked at the top one (the rest were badly stained and even Oxyclean couldn't take the out the stains).
8. Be nice. Smile. Make eye contact. Also, don't insult people. If someone is asking 25 cents for an item, please don't ask them to give it to you for less (unless you're bundling (see#6). I mean it's 25 cents. Be reasonable. I often ask people, "what the best you can do?" I have a price in mind and if they don't match it, I put it back.
9. Don't get over excited (I forget this one sometimes). Try to get the seller to give you a price on unmarked items before mentioning a price yourself. And, for heaven's sake, don't say, "I've been looking for this for five years!" before asking.
10. Enjoy yourself. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose, but if you have fun while you're looking, you're bound to meet some friends along the way. I know I have. Have fun and let me know what you find!


Jamie said...

You are cracking me up with your "for heaven's sake" hahaha! I am now officially a hunter and gatherer... thanks for the tips!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Good tips! Since I recently held a garage sale (which is a lot less fun than going to them), it drove me nuts when I told people things were 25 cents and they tried to get it for less. At that point I just rather donate it just for principle.

I like your candle holder. It's a great deal. I saw something very similar at an antique store some time back for $125!