Friday, September 10, 2010

Shutter Island - Any Ideas?

Thought that title might get your attention! I have a question for all of you creative, engineering type people out there. I am participating in my first craft show this December ... and I decided to use these antique shutters (which used to hang on my walls) as a display for all my handcrafted signs and mirrors.

The big question -- how do I hang my products on the slats? My Wine & Design group suggested "S" hooks, which is a great idea and will probably work, but I was wondering if you all had any other suggestions for displaying my little mirrors, signs and frames.

Any ideas out there? I have a lot of items to hang, but most are rather lightweight. I provided a close-up of the slats.

I also have some table top items to display, but I don't want a huge table taking up all my space. Anyone who has done these types of fairs, I would love your input! I want my little 8 x 10 space to look like a welcoming store where people will buy a lot of merchandise!!!


Allison said...

Hi Renee. I tried to leave a comment yesterday (a long one!) and it never posted! So I waited a day to see if it would appear after a day... alas no luck.
In short, here's what it was...

I love the shutters... altho I don't have any clever ideas for using it as a display. I think the s-hooks would work well.
as for craft shows, I really love what stacie does... she uses fabric tablecloths to cover the whole table to the floor. You can stash tons of stuff in there and it looks neat and clean.
Also, I always try to have some small, inexpensive items at kids eye level (in a basket or something). It keeps them occupied and parents are more likely to linger at my table than if their kids are running wild booth hopping.

Hope that helps!
Good luck in December!

stacie said...

What if you use ribbon to hang your work? You could coordinate with the table cloth.

Life in Rehab said...

Well I've had a great time schlogging through your blog! I popped over from CSI, but got caught up and couldn't stop reading! I'll be back.